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Herbal Gardening & Fruiting Season

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There are many definitions to the word 'herb', none altogether satisfactory. To the botanist it is a plant that dies down to ground level after the growing season; medicinally the word refers to a plant that can be used in the prevention and treatment of ailments and illness; in the kitchen it refers to those parts of the plant that are used in the preparation of food.

Herbs are easy to grow, disease resistant, hardy, beautiful and are useful! Many herbs are perennials which means they grow for years (unlike annuals which grow for only one season never to return!).

Herbs are also inexpensive to purchase and maintain. It would cost more to buy a sprig of fresh rosemary in your local supermarket than to buy one plant and grow it into a mighty shrub that will keep you and your friends stocked with fresh, pesticide free herbs for years to come.

A herbal garden is something everyone can and maybe should have. You can grow them on the front lawn of your city home. If you live in a small apartment and are limited to a small balcony, patio or no outside space at all You can still have a container garden in one of your windows.

Herbal gardening at the Trout House

Herbs you can expect to find in the Trout House Gardens

Herb Usage Benefits
Basil Condiment for meat and fish An insect repellant. Helpsto soothe pain and treat vomiting , nervous stress and headaches.
Thyme Condiment for meat and fish and in herbal teas. Treat digestive complaints and respiratory disorders especially loosening mucus. Antiseptic and disinfectant.
Parsley In Salads and soups Helps treat jaundice , cough , rheumatism , kidney infection, menstrual and urinary problems
Dill Condiment and flavoring ; pickling spice. Relieves digestive problems and flatulence.
Sage Condiment for meat and fish Helps depression , nervous anxiety and liver disorders, circulation. Leaves are antiseptic as a gargle for laryngitis.

As a garnishing for dals and curries and in chutneys and salads Stimulant and digestive,
Rocket In Salads Tonic, mild stimulant and cough remedy. Seeds used to treat bruises.
Nasturtium In salads Antiseptic and digestive herb; Also treats respiratory and urinary disorders.
Rosemary Flavouring for meat,fish and baked foods. Roman charm to ward off evil Treats depression , migraine and liver disorders and iads digestion.Leaves made as an ointment for rheumatism , eczema and minor wounds.
Estragon Flavoring for sauces and preserves. Treats Toothache and snakebite, catarrhal and digestive problems. Tea cures insomnia.
All spice

(Sweet Laurel)
Culinary flavoring

Wreath for victorious Roman Generals.
Aids appetite. Leaves are antiseptic and when pulped are an astringent to burns and bruises.
Lemon verbena In herbal teas and potpourris. Tonic , calming and sedative. Treats nausea , palpitations and flatulence. Hot leaf pulp effective for toothaches.
Lemon Grass Flavoring oriental dishes and in Teas. Tea treat liver complaints. Oil is tonic and stimulant , antiseptic and oily skin cleanser.
Peppermint Flavor confectionery and sweet dishes Cooling properties due to high menthol. Helps treat digestive disorders , relieve tension and insomnia.

The Trout House also grows many types of lettuce and salads for use in its kitchens. We also grow cherry tomatoes and gherkins to add to the salads.


Flowering & Fruiting seasons in the valley




Frost break


Cherries , Apricots and Plums blossom


Strawberries fruit , beginning of Cherry fruit, Apple and Pear blossom


Cherries and Apricots fruit


Apricots, Plums and Pears fruit




Apples fruit


Apples , Walnuts


Persimmons , Walnuts


Persimmons and limes


Limes , Kiwis

A variety of vegetables are also grown in the valley including some top grade garlic ( June). The main subsistence crops are wheat (May) and corn (October).


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Created by Manav Agarwal

Joint controller Daniel Abraham (Retd)